Friday, October 29, 2010

New Home

The sole purpose of this blog, is to record, share, and write about the progression of our new house. As most of you know Steve and I just moved into our first house as a couple. It was a long time coming and because of our patience we were able to get everything we wanted out of one house.
Since being in the house, my LOVE for interior design has significantly grown. One thing I’ve learned is that I HAVE to take it a room at a time. It can get overwhelming looking at the whole house and wondering what to do next.  With that being said, I decided to tackle the office first.

First we painted the room. Before it was a beige color, which is a reoccurring theme throughout the house. Have I mentioned that I HATE painting??? I am the worst; luckily I had the help of my wonderful mother who took the time to help, and my dad who took over at the end to get the spots we missed! : ).

AND a month later were finished! It took us awhile to figure out the furnishings, but with little debate with the husband, I finally finished our office.

We hit a few snags along the way, constant delivery of a damaged desk, and month shipping dates, but the wait was definitely worth it. Next we will tackle the dining room.

Source List:
Paint Color: Gentle Tide by Glidden (Home Depot)
Rug - Ikea
Baskets - Ikea
Vases - Ikea
Tall Vase - Ikea
DO you see a pattern forming???
Frames - Ikea
Daybed - West Elm
Mattres for daybed - Big Lots
Degrees - University of Central Florida :)
Desk - (I do not recommend this desk, we had three delivered to us, two of which were damaged)
Desk Chair - Ikea
Grey Pillows - Target
White Body Pillow - Target
Curtains - Ikea
Total: You do the math.. keep in mind we already owned some of the items shown.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Master Bedroom Mock-Up - West Elm Rules!

My new favorite store is West Elm. Knowing we want to redo our master bedroom in the future, I thought I'd put together the master bedroom of my (our) dreams :).

Items from West Elm:
Bed & Bed Frame
Bed Sheets and Comforters

Cool Find!

Snagged these guys at online at CB2. Had to have them for the office!

Find them here!