Friday, November 5, 2010

Wood floors in a Kitchen? Pros vs Cons

When I think of my dream kitchen, I can't seem to convince myself to NOT have hardwood floors. I've been advised against it so many times, but I can't helpful myself, I droll over pictures of beautiful dark hardwoods floors like in this GORGEOUS kitchen in my previous post. 

So I thought why not have hardwood floors in a kitchen? Is there a difference being in Florida with the humidity, etc. Thoughts, comments, advice????


  1. I love wood over tile in kitchens. If the humidity is high, you might want to go with engineered wood because it is more stable due to the multiple layers. So it is less affected by the weather.

  2. We have vinyl "wood" flooring made by Connecto in our bedroom and we love it. It has a wonderful texture and feel and it's beautiful, it doesn't look cheap or chintzy. It's so easy to install there's no prep whatsoever, just a clean floor! It's practically indestructible we plan on installing the same flooring in our new kitchen when our addition is finished.