Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Ordinary Flake Floor

One of the very first projects as homeowners was our garage floor. My dad is a rep for a company called, Tnemec, a coatings company, and one of the products they sell is a high quality flake floor which you mainly would see in commercial floors or large garages holding multiple cars. My parents insisted that this flooring belonged on our garage floor, and we had no objections. Who would turn that down?

This was a four day process that Steve and my dad tackled.

 First thing was to tape off the necessary openings.

Step 1: Sandblast entire floor

 Step 2: Prime
Step 3: Fill in Cracks

Step 4: Throw down flakes

           Final: Coat of epoxy type resin which is applied to seal the flakes.

And there you have it. Our brand new garage floor. Although it looks slippery, its really not! There are tiny glass beads embedded in the floor to create friction. Its stain, & oil resistant. Now that the walls are painted a light grey, the garage looks brand new! 

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