Monday, November 8, 2010

Minor Re-do's

So the next room(s) on our list are the dining room and currently the laundry room. I decided last minute this weekend I would start painting the laundry room. I had some "Gentle Tide by Glidden" leftover from the office, and since we love the color so much, I decided why not have it in the laundry room; maybe it will make me want to be in there more often :insert wink here:. So far I have one wall done along with some "cut in" work on the others. During my lunch hour I picked up the following "goodies."

Hardware for the cabinets going up soon
New rug from Target

Replaced ugly gold door stopper with this simple bronze one from home depot.

It's coming along well, and after we get a new washer and dryer, things will move along nicely.

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