About Us

I'm Brittany and my husband's name is Steve. We are the McCannas. I started this blog to have a record of the progression of our home; sort of an online journal. I am no a writer, but a graphic designer. Bare with me if I start to ramble on some of my posts :).

We waited a LONG time for this house and it has definitely been worth the wait. We put an offer on the house, which was a short sale, 9 months before the bank accepted. We were ecstatic when we finally go to move into our new home. Since then, August of 2010, we made some minor changes, but only to suite our style. The house had no major problems that needed to be fixed, but we are transforming the house little by little to make it our own. We will be posting every step along the way. You might see some posts of different findings I've discovered while researching new decorating ideas!

Facts about us:

We've been together since August 2002.
We've been married since October 2009.
We have a cat name Jerry.
We have a Welsh Corgi named Oliver.
We are Volkswagen enthusiasts.
Our favorite shows to watch together are American Pickers, Wipeout, The Office, & Community.
We love to ski and snowboard.
We lived in an apartment 1 year while engaged and 1st year of marriage. 
We both attended UCF.