Sunday, September 11, 2011

Laundry Redo!!

First off, lets go back over a year ago, when the laundry room looked like this....  


Then we painted, put up a cabinet, and got a new washer and dryer.

Then it stayed like that for awhile.

Then came my drawing at chilis.... :)


Which then evolved to my dad's much more precise and accurate drawing. 

And then turned into this!!
The cabinet was actually built by my dad for the house I grew up in. They 
recently upgraded and were going to throw it away. I thought 
it'd be nice to have a piece of furniture that was once in the house 
I grew up in. So with a little white paint and new hardware, it looks
brand new!

The sink. I wanted the farmhouse look, so we went with Ikea's DOMSJÖ sink.

The counter top. After searching pinterest for months, I found that I really loved 
the look of butcher block, so naturally we went with Ikeas NUMERÄR in oak.

The shelf toward the back was hand made and stained by my dad, Steve, and Steve's dad. 
It serves two purposes, covering the hoses and outlet for the washer and dryer, 
and extra shelving (its also removable so when we do need to reach the outlet or

The cubbies were also hand built by my dad, Steve, and his Dad (also named Steve :).

The curtain was made by my mom :). We bought the fabric from Joann's.

Whats behind the curtain you ask? It's actually hiding the litter box!! Jerry 
has had no problem sneaking his way back there to do his deed.
 Here are some shots of the whole process.

What a great team!!



 But wait!!! Something is missing isn't it? 

We are purchasing the faucet online because it is much cheaper. We are
going with this beauty.

Moen "Anabelle"

 I thought I'd throw in some bonus pics of other updates we've made. 
A 48 x 60 hand painted canvas painted by yours truly.

Frames up the stair way.