House Tour

Welcome to the house tour. Most of the pictures are before shots for now, and in progress means there's still more we'd like to do. 

Front of house
We have some major landscaping we want to do.

Garage before new flooring

Garage during sandblasting

Garage with new commercial grade floor
We still need to organize decide where we want everything

Front Entry Way
We want to get rid of the tile and put in 
dark large plank floors. 

Were thinking of getting rid of the fan in here, 
and putting in a new light fixture


Daybed in Office

Dining Room
We'd like to get rid of the window treatment (which came 
with the house) and replace it with some nice 
light curtains. We also need to replace the blinds and paint.

For the laundry room, our plan is to 
put in a butcher block countertop over the 
washer and dryer, put in a large farm sink, 
and make a DIY drying rack.

Half Bath

Half Bath

Half Bath
Still in need of a new vanity, light fixture, 
and we want to replace the
toilet paper dispenser and 
remove the large towel bar.

Half Bath

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
We will be receiving our new
master bed in a few weeks. We also need two new 
nightstands, lamps, an ottomon, rug, etc. to complete the room.

Master Bedroom
Eventually our flat screen in the family room
will reside in here and we'll hang it on the wall.

Family Room
We want to completely remove all the carpet and tile
and replace it with dark large plank wood
flooring. We also want to paint, and frame out the fireplace.

Family Room
The light fixture by the 
front door will eventually go, and 
replace it with a more appropriate one 
that suites our style.

For now, I'd like to paint the cabinets white, until 
we completely re-do the kitchen.

I pointed out the banister in this
picture because we want to 
eventually either replace it with a 
little more modern look or paint it white.

Bonus Room
Bye Bye coca-cola red!!

Bonus Room

Bonus Room
We are not sure what
we'd like to do in this room yet. Any suggestions?

Smaller Guest Bedroom
This will eventually be the nursery when
we decide to have kids. For now, it's just 
the blue room. (Yes there are sticky glowing
stars on the ceiling :)

Larger Guest bedroom
This will be our main guest room. If we take down the 
fan that's in the office, it will go in here. The brass
fan HAS to go.

Upstairs bathroom
This bathroom needs a major redo.

Pool / Patio
Eventually we see pavers, and a built in grill and bar. 


 We'll.. there you have it. Our home. Thanks for checking it out, and if you have any suggestions of what we should do, feel free to post!

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  1. I'm obsessed with how cute your house is!! You've done an awesome job missy :)