Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was our first year for trick or treaters! I'm not going to lie, I was OVERLY excited about getting our very first trick or treaters. I was mentally and physically ready. I had a late start on the decorations, but made it just in time. Saturday night my mom and I went looking for decorations. First stop Old Time Pottery, no luck. They were already set for Christmas. Next stop, Halloween Spirit. They mostly had costumes, and the only decorations they had were too scary for neighborhood kids, for example fake body parts, scary clowns, etc. Our next stop was suppose to be target until I realized, of course! Walgreens! I remembered back when I worked there they always had tons of great decorations, and for a great price! Walking down the aisle a lot had been picked through, yet a lot remained. I was able to pick up three tombstones, a skeleton, and floating ghost, a talking skeleton head, spiderwebs, skeleton lights, AND a large spider all for 80 bucks!

Earlier that day, Steve and I set out for pumpkins to carve. Note to self, get pumpkins early in the month to avoid picking through warty pumpkins at the end. Luckily, after searching two pumpkins patches and two publix grocery stores, we were able to find 2 great ones at 5.99 each. Later on that night, after getting back from our decoration shopping trip, we carved them. Steve drew his face on his pumpkin, while I used a pattern. I know, I know, being an art major I SHOULD have drawn my own, but patterns were always how I did it as a kid, and I like to keep that tradition :). 

FINALLY Halloween arrives. I set up my graveyard, our floating ghost, my spider and spideweb (set up from the night before), and realized, how are the kids going to see the graveyard at night being as we dont have any lights for the front yard... yet. We then set out for Lowes, where we picked up two solar lights. We had to put the panels in the spots that did get sun during the day for them to work properly, but that worked out fine.

So the day goes on and after running a few errands, 4 pm comes along. I set up my candy, I turn on my battery powered decorations, I set up one last decoration I remember my parents had given us (Dr. Shivers) and am ready for the early birds. I figured that the VERY little ones would arrive as early as then. None came. 5:00 comes along, no one, 6:30 not a sole in sight. I started to get worried. Finally at 6:45 they start rolling in. I guess being a newby at this, 4pm is a little too early to expect anyone, at least in our neighborhood. One thing I noted is that these kids are efficient! Once they ring that doorbell they are already thinking about the next house. I open the door, put out my bowl, and before I could say "what are you suppose to be be" they were gone. I could barely see what they were even dressed up as!

They came and went. Some taking more than the "one" I had told them to take, some I made them wait until they actually said "Trick or Treat", most saying "Thank You," and some even complimented me on my Halloween socks and our little guy Jerry :).

My Pumpkin
Our Cemetery Scene
Steve's Pumpkin
Our Floating Ghost
Our Curious little guy :)
Our Entry Way

At the end of the night, we had counted up our stats.

Halloween 2010
Favorite Decoration: Floating ghost

Start time: 6:45
 End time: 9:00
Total trick or treaters - 100!

I'd say it was a successful, first Halloween in our first house :).

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  1. 100 kids in a neighborhood that size is quite impressive. Next year, you and Steve have to dress up for when you greet the kids at the door! Muahahahaha