Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Porch - Part One

So the porch is far from being complete but this past week I finish a HUGE part of it. I painted the ceiling a grey-blue shade called "Blue Arrow" from Valspar. It's funny because when I first told my parents that I was painting the ceiling blue, they kinda gave me a strange look, and I understand, a blue ceiling??? But it looks amazing!!! And Steve agrees :). It makes a load of difference!!!

If you can tell I painted the trim white.

I took some pictures of the rest of the porch and backyard, and included notes of what we want to do in the future.

1. Add mulch, plants and new lighting.
2. Built-in bench idea
3. Even though these smell great, they attract bees so they have to go!
4. Looks like were gonna have to replace some sod :(
5. Replace fence.

1. We want to rip out all of these plants and build a deck with a fire pit.
2. More replacing sod :(
3. Remove steps.

If anyone has tips on how to take care of hydrangeas please let me know! :(

So there you have it. You can see some inspirational pictures on my Pinterest account.

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  1. Hydrangeas don't really fair well in pots :( I would suggest planting it where it's roots can expand and use fertilizer (i think they like more acidity, but I could be wrong). PS, love the ceilings!!! I am amazed at what all you have done!