Friday, January 28, 2011

Down to two

Coming soon to a Bentley Woods home near you, a new master bed!!  We've budgeted and saved for a new bed frame and headboard for quite some time now and now its come to this. For months now I've convinced myself that I'm 100% sure I want the following headboard:

But then I found this one, which is half the price.
 This one matches our daybed. I'm still pretty sure that I like the first one better, but keep going back and forth. What do you guys think?


  1. I like the second one, plus it is on sale.

  2. I really like them both, and have always loved the idea of a white headboard, but the second one is also awesome and would leave you with leftover money to get other things on your wish list!

  3. Does the second one come in white?

  4. The first one is beautiful, but if the second one comes in white and is half the price I would choose #2. Use the leftover money for some amazing accessories like cut out ceramic vases that have a similar pattern to the first headboard!