Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plans for the laundry room

Since our washer and dryer were about to die on us, Steve and I decided we would check out the washers and dryers at Lowes to see what was out there. We looked around, ooowing and aweeeing over the ones with color options and extra features, until we came across a set for an incredible deal! These didn't come with the color option but that was ok with us. A set of front loaders for under $1000! We went ahead and bought them because in another week they'd be back up to the original price. We are so happy we did, because they are awesome, and we are so happy we didn't spend what we feared we'd have to eventually spend on a new set. One of the main reason's why I wanted a pair of front loaders is because we plan to put a counter top across the top so there's room to fold clothes. We are also planning to put in a white farm sink.

Inspiration pictures below: 


  1. Very nice!! LOVE the fourth picture down.

  2. Sexy, I like the first one...I can hang my towel there!