Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drum Table Reveal

Hey everyone!

So remember my secret project I was ECSTATIC about? Well that completely fell through :(. I had found a dresser at a thrift store that I wanted to completely redo for only $40!, but when I went to go pick it up, it had a sold sign on it. See picture below.

Oh well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Anyways I ended up finding this cute drum table (that's what my mom calls it) for only $10!! Being my first furniture transformation I learned a lot. Here are before and after shots of the table.

1. Sanded with electric sander. 
2. Spray painted primer, two cans.
3. Spray painted two coats. 
4. Brush painted top of table.
5. Replaced hardware. 

What I learned. 
1. Be patient between coats!
2. A "pinkish" undertone means that the stain is bleeding through and more primer is needed. 
3. Practice means perfect. 
4. Sanding is your friend.
5. I love that this table only cost me $10, and around $30 to completely redo, with a grand total of $40!

So what do you think about my very first furniture transformation??


  1. Bravo Brittany, that is so fabulous, it looks so fresh and modern. You know I love me a great white paint job, lovely lovely lovely!

  2. Looks great!!! I love the pattern on the panels. I have a drum table too that I'm going to refinish so thanks for the tips.