Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleeping like kings!

Well.. not really.. but close! Steve and I purchased our very first king size bed. We've had the bed frame and headboard in our house for a couple weeks and this past weekend we bought a mattress so we were finally able to put it together.

Remember a few posts back when I was debating between two separate headboards? Well we ended up going with the overlapping squares headboard. I did LOVE the morocco headboard, but the price was just not what we wanted to spend on a headboard. Also the bed frame we got was the Narrow Leg Bed frame from West Elm.

So here it is! Our new bed! What do you think?? Please ignore the non-matching nightstands.. that is just a current solution to our lack of matching ones :).

We had also made a post about mattress shopping, and for those curious we ended up going ikea, which was a good move! We anticipated spending atleast $1000 on a king mattress, but only ended up paying $549. So far after two nights so good! It's still a little firm but we figure it will break in soon, and if not we will purchase this. We had one of these on our last bed and it was amazing!

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